About me

A president of the Management Board of W.P.I.P. and GOOD TIME FOUNDATION, a member of the Advisory Board of  SMART CITY FORUM and INNOVATIVE MANUFACTURING FORUM, a member of the Management Board of  PLGBC (Polish Green Building Council) and FBN (Family Business Network), an initiator of development of the concept of sustainable construction and creation of the first showroom in Poland  Smart City Center, a graduate of the Poznań University of Economics and Business and ICAN Institute in Warsaw.



I am a private entrepreneur, an investor as well as an enthusiast of the Smart City concept and, consequently, exceptional projects created and implemented in this area. Believing in their business effects, as an investor and an initiator, I am open to cooperation and their implementation based on an interesting start-up company… and I am not speaking of construction only!

Smart City is a place of happy people.

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