The blog was created for the first in Poland platform for presentation and analysis of changes occurring around us at increasingly great speed. This is a space of free exchange of knowledge, opinions and comments related to the development of Smart City and the phenomenon of technological and social trends accompanying it.


The changes are related to many areas of our life: social, legal, and financial ones. However, I am the most interested in the ones which will appear in innovation areas: technological, communication, building, service, and information ones related to residents of future Smart Cities.


Some of them will only accelerate activities performed by us, automate some activities, enhance features of current products, introduce new services or, ultimately, gather and analyse data of our behaviour to identify our needs better. Some changes may turn our businesses and professional careers upside down or give them a chance for a new „life”: new profession, idea for business or a lifestyle change.

I will attempt to post materials, photos and comments of experts who are correspondents from the most interesting Smart Cities in the world, apart from information on new interesting products, services and ideological solutions which are being designed or introduced. This unique first-hand information will help you understand the results and consequences of upcoming changes better.

I wish you pleasant reading and powerful experience – best regards and see you at interesting events, conferences, and travels to Smart City.

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