If you are interested in Smart City and technological developments in urban and social areas as well as interesting start-ups, it means that you are in the right place. This blog is a platform on which we will be able to discuss, inspire with new ideas, express our point of view, and obtain opinion of an expert. The blog is created by experts and correspondents as well as in cooperation with Research and Development Department of W.P.I.P. company.




For years I have been sharing with you my knowledge on Smart City during conferences, panels, and consultations. I am fascinated with direct conversations, that is why I treat my speeches as open panels, thanks to which everyone can take part in the discussion.


Smart culture enters lives of everyone. It is worth talking about opportunities and threats created by it. Each new technology or solution must be created based on real needs of residents of big cities, with emphasis on health and productivity as well as protection of the environment. Everything with responsibility for the fate of future generations.



Area of cooperation:
– articles and sponsored posts,
– tests / reviews of the products,
– announcements and accounts of events,
– interviews.


Total income obtained thanks to paid cooperation on the blog will be transferred to the account of Good Time Foundation which supports young talents: music and visual artists as well as other forms of culture and art, sportspeople, inventors (including start-up companies) of new products and services as well as science and research projects.


The foundation is concerned also with charity activities, promotion of health and ecology, protection of environment as well as natural and cultural heritage, thinking about future generations. We support what is the most valuable for us. More information can be obtained at



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