Electric planes, hydrogen planes: is it possible to change the aviation industry

29 June 2023

Human beings in demanding conditions, or some new megatrends

1 June 2023

Neuroarchitecture, eco-buildings and healthy interiors – a conversation with Natalia Szyk-Trocha, Savagaya

16 May 2023

Organic architecture and neuroarchitecture, or harmony between human being and nature

28 April 2023

Well-being at work, in retail, and in life

2 March 2023

Are there any developers of the future in the room?

1 March 2023

Social well-being in a shopping mall?

We produce, we buy, we waste

20 July 2022

Hollywood stars as environmental activists

17 February 2022

Seaspiracy – the dark sides of humanity

1 October 2021

Blackout. Plunged into darkness

9 July 2021

Is there a hydrogen-powered future ahead of us?

30 June 2021

How to use AI for nature preservation?

20 April 2021

Does another pandemic mean ecological disaster?

9 April 2021

deszcz w mieście

Drought or flood. 5 wise solutions for water management in the city

21 August 2020

Plastic is not so bad, let’s only learn to use it reasonably

Green Oslo – City of Smart Residents

30 March 2020

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